And if you still don’t understand this, then you are the problem with Nigeria. And you deserve to die by its hands. You are too involved in your private battles that you are no longer in touch with the big picture. You can no longer see the wood for the trees. You’re so caught up in your aspirations to become the main salary earner in your company that you forget there will be no company without a functional legal system. You bury your head in the sand of your goals and delight in your private accomplishments. Well, boardroom battles, market strategies, classroom troubles, bedroom issues—these will all vanish when the proverbial shit finally hits the proverbial fan. And the said shit has piled up.

You have to start caring now.

And no, caring isn’t a tweet or two; caring isn’t a Facebook like or simply sharing this article; caring isn’t your anxious expression of concern while discussing at work; caring isn’t just the 15 minute prayer topic in church.

Caring is your conscious and active engagement of the realities of your society and government through the exertion of your physical, mental and material resources.

See, society won’t transform itself magically. There is no “society” out there, waiting to do as you say. Society is the collective identity of individuals. And if the individuals don’t care, then society doesn’t care. And that society will be destroyed. If you cannot stop what you’re doing today—if you cannot stop it for a second and take some time to reflect on how your actions will restore some sanity to Nigeria—then you are the problem with Nigeria.

But you don’t care. And so Nigeria is going to kill you.

And so, by all means continue to grow your cassava and your maize, pass your exams, do your job, earn your daily bread, pastor your churches, lead your prayers, teach your classes, fill out all those forms, strike that new deal, reply all your emails, and chase up those clients.

But unless you already have an exit plan for when things go to hell, then you might as well go to an undertaker and book your coffin today.

Because: everything in Nigeria is going to kill you.

Ayo Sogunro

There are two things you need to note: first, the title above is not panic propaganda. Of course, it sounds like one, talks like one and smells like one, yet it’s no propaganda, it’s a fact. But even if you disagree with this premise, then let’s call it propaganda, but it is one that has become necessary and urgent at this point.

Second, I’m quite serious about the intent stated in the title: Nigeria is out to kill you. The country is going to hell in a hand basket. This is not a drill. And we have arrived at this point simply because you don’t care. If you understand this statement, then you need not read any further.

Are you are still wondering how we got to this point? There are many articles with superb analysis of the current crisis. These have listed all the factors responsible: from an…

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