What I took away from NSA PRISM Slides


Sundry Thoughts


By a long shot, the NSA presentation on PRISM is one of the worst by a government organisation. That’s saying a lot since I’m not a good power point person myself.

In the slide, the African bandwidth capacity looked dismally small.

Very bad on one level. However, this is unrealised OPPORTUNITY here. Lots of them.

Opportunities – Update to the post

The opportunities in increasing the band width capacity (and actually using it is numerous) – from the very obvious to the unquantifiable.

Like the Industrial Revolution, there’s a potential economic shift coming if the Internet Bandwidth revolution happens.

In the not too distant past in Nigeria, cyber cafés were viable businesses. So was the typist. There has slowly been a shift in the type of jobs of available as IT infrastructure is being developed. There has been phenomenal growth in internet usage in Africa. Growth of internet is outstripping…

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