What I took away from NSA PRISM Slides


Sundry Thoughts


By a long shot, the NSA presentation on PRISM is one of the worst by a government organisation. That’s saying a lot since I’m not a good power point person myself.

In the slide, the African bandwidth capacity looked dismally small.

Very bad on one level. However, this is unrealised OPPORTUNITY here. Lots of them.

Opportunities – Update to the post

The opportunities in increasing the band width capacity (and actually using it is numerous) – from the very obvious to the unquantifiable.

Like the Industrial Revolution, there’s a potential economic shift coming if the Internet Bandwidth revolution happens.

In the not too distant past in Nigeria, cyber cafés were viable businesses. So was the typist. There has slowly been a shift in the type of jobs of available as IT infrastructure is being developed. There has been phenomenal growth in internet usage in Africa. Growth of internet is outstripping…

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The Zen of Entrepreneurship



Rizwan Virk is an entrepreneur, author, investor, and film-maker. He was co founder of Gameview Studios, maker of the popular Tap Fish mobile game, which was downloaded over 30 million times, and was an angel investor in Tapjoy, Pocket Gems, Funzio, Telltale and Iddiction. The second edition of his book, Zen Entrpereneurship: Walking the Path of the Career Warrior, was just released and can be bought on Amazon. Follow his blog here.

In Silicon Valley, it’s easy to find lots of advice on what I call the “external” how-tos of startups, including: structuring your company, building a minimum viable product, negotiating a term sheet with investors, selling your company, and on and on!

This post, on the other hand, is about the less publicized “inner side” of the entrepreneurial journey. In this journey, there are no ready made prescriptions. Every company, entrepreneur, and market is…

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Once the largest plant in the orchard
Sprouting slowly in glowing growth
Timely trimmings by Mama Ezinne
Kept the hedges within approved height
Oh! If I had attempted a trade
It would have fetched a fortune
Worth a whooping kekefia – my Izon specialty

The bitter leaf tree
Bearing medicinal juice in stalk
Acrid antidote for sugary sickness
Healing for malaria bouts
Changing leaves in due season
Sweetening soups weekly
Nearest neighbor, patient pumpkin, redundant
A lifetime it’d have lived
But for the ravaging floods of 2012

Chlorophyll gone; now browning
A thousand squeezes is futile futility
Juice dissolved in the deluge
The once vivacious plant
Is now an ornamental tree!

Written by: Ebidenyefa Nikade
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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Why have you shut your eyes against your old culture?
Does my iro and buba not do me well than your ‘mini-gown’?

Why have you shut your mouth against our old food?
Does my amala and ewedu not do me well than your half cooked rice?
And does my pap not done me well than your oat?

Why have you shut your mind against your old wine?
Does my ‘palm wine’ not do me well than your strong ‘brandy’?

So when I move around in my ‘iro and buba’
And you call my culture barbaric,
I’ll smile and say, “I feel no shame”

Written by: Temitope Adedibu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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Back by popular demand: less filler, more meat.


Are just creating filler content on your blog or are you really giving something really worthwhile to your audience?

The BrandBuilder Blog


Why I stopped blogging:

My last post here is dated February 25th. I wish I could say that was the last time I was genuinely interested enough to write and share something pertinent with you guys about brand management or marketing strategy or social business, but that isn’t true. If you scroll back through my posts for 2013 and the second half of 2012, you will probably notice that I was already kind of losing interest in blogging for the sake of blogging. Truth is, sometimes, even someone as outspoken as me just doesn’t have anything really all that pertinent to write about on a blog like this one, and though the discipline to carry on writing “content” day after day anyway is admirable in many ways, I found the exercise pretty much mired in futility.

A friend of mine in the industry told me about a year ago…

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